Personalization Options for Highly Targeted, Relevant Communications. EU Services’ personalization department offers extensive digital printing capabilities with the flexibility to fit various budget and quality requirements. After our data processing experts prepare your data for personalization, you’ll have the ability to enhance direct mail pieces, email communications and customized url pages.

EU Services’ Digital Printing Capabilities:

Color Digital

  • Minimum sheet size 7” x 7” and Maximum sheet size  14.3” x 20.5”
  • Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
  • Stock details: 40# text to 130# cover

Black and White Digital

  • Maximum sheet size  14”x17”
  • Duplexing capability with 1200 dpi
  • Stock details: 40lb text to 100lb text sheet fed and continuous form

Color Personalization Options

  • Cost effective spot inkjet color for small text areas on letters, carriers or self-mailers
  • High quality, full color digital printing for large areas such as large blocks of copy, images, and graphics

Black and White Personalization Options

  • Black-only laser printing for text, images, and graphics – a highly cost effective alternative to producing pre-printed shell documents or color laser images
  • Black-only inkjet for addresses, and small areas of copy – a low cost and flexible alternative to apply addresses to envelopes or reply cards and short personalize text such as keycodes

What types of "out of the box" personalization do we do?

  • Variable Imaging – Unique images that incorporate a name (or some other variable text) as a very convincing part of a photograph for each of your mail recipients
  • Personalized URLs – Unique landing pages that use personalized data to build the content within the page