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Data Processing

Data Processing Solutions for Improved Mail Deliverability and Increased Response Rates. EU Services offers a wide variety of data mail services from basic data preparation to more sophisticated data programming, processing and reporting. We'll help you correct and validate your addresses to ensure delivery of your messages, improve the relevance, track responses and integrate with your CRM.

EU Services' standard data processing services include:

Data Conversion

  • Ensures data elements used in personalization appear correctly when printed

Data Appends

  • Provides additional information that can help increase deliverability, relevance, measurability

Data Hygiene

  • Verifies deliverability and provides discounts
  • Eliminates multiple offers going to the same recipient; insures mail is not delivering to someone who is not receptive to your offer

Postage Discounts

  • Helps achieve deeper discounts through mail preparation and sorting


Data File Preparation for Clean, Targeted Communications. EU Services’ data processing prepares your data for direct mail personalization. Whether you are creating a basic letter with a personalized salutation or a highly customized postcard with personalized images, we can help you utilize your data for variable data printing.

EU Services' data preparation for personalization includes:

  • Capitalization processing
  • Salutation creation
  • Variable gift/ask amount creation
  • Geo Coding and location based personalization, including directions, mapping and variable copy

Specialty Services

Additional processing services to produce:

  • QR Codes
  • Intelligent Mail Barcodes
  • Personalized URLs

Dashboard Tracking and Reporting

  • Real-time reports accessible by web
  • Exports in popular file formats such as Excel, CSV, PDF and HTML
  • Custom integration into CRM applications such as MS CRM, and Siebel
  • Custom integration with mailing or email data to measure overall campaign effectiveness