EU Services Becomes EPA Green Power Partner

In keeping with EU Services’ commitment to reduce its impact on the environment, the company will be joining the EPA’s Green Power Partnership in June.  As part of this partnership, EU will be supplied with 100% new wind power energy, 3rd party certified by Green-e Energy®. This step will be a reduction in greenhouse emissions equivalent to EU Services taking over 400 cars off the roads annually. 

In addition to this partnership, EU Services will become one of the first printers in the Mid-Atlantic region to join re:print, a program granting logo usage to organizations that source both their paper and printing through Green-e Marketplace printers and paper manufacturers.  This “chain of custody” program certifies that renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, and biomass energy were used in the manufacturing of the paper, printing and finishing.  

In becoming a voluntary member of the EPA’s Green Power Partnership, EU Services adds yet another important step in its ongoing efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of the company’s business operations.