EU's October Calendar

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International Catholic Stewardship Conference

October 3rd - 5th

New Orleans, Louisiana

The International Catholic Stewardship Council is holding its 54th Annual Conference. This conference is an opportunity to collaborate with others while sharing the practice of stewardship and improving realtionships. EU Services already works with several members of ICSC and we look forward to expanding our connections. EU Services will be exhibiting at Booth 710.

National Catholic Development Conference

October 10th

Washington, DC

The National Catholic Development Conference is the largest association of charitable religious fundraisers in the country. The NCDC works with charitable organizations to help raise money for their needs and beliefs. This will the NCDC's 48th conference for catholic fundraisers to network with companies that will help them increase their response rates through different methods of campaigning and to learn about new techniques to spread their messages and beliefs. 

DMA's &THEN Conference

October 16th - 18th

Los Angeles, California

The Direct Marketing Association's annual conference brings together companies in the marketing industry and focuses on innovation and technology. With over 400 guest speakers, featuring Kobe Bryant and Simon Sinex, and events throughout the day, direct marketers network and learn how improve their customer experience using technology.