Direct Mail Still Prevalent in Demand Creation

Though electronic channels have taken on a huge role in advertising, direct mail has continued to generate the most demand creation, or acquisition. The internet tends to focus on keeping current users, while direct mail is more effective when it comes to acquiring new customers. TheStreet, a online financial media company, explains in its article, "Why Old-Fashioned Direct Mail Is Still Useful for Advertisers," that demand creation is the most important aspect of advertising and many companies pour billions of dollars into it each year.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to open physical mail than an email due to the fact that customers receive 30 times the amount of emails compared to direct mail advertisements. However, the most effective advertisement strategy is one that uses both direct mail and internet advertising in order to steer customers to a company's website.

Article: Why Old-Fashioned Direct Mail Is Still Useful for Advertisers, Brett Hershman, TheStreet